Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photo Freedom with Leah Farquharson

Leah has created a wonderful spread using the JBS/Echo Park Photo Freedom kit.  Her spread tells a story of a particular day and I love its light and airy feel.   Do you see the racing number she tucked into a pocket? What a great idea!  Here's Leah's process in her words:

Jenni Bowlin has teamed up with Echo Park for their "photo freedom" line of goods, and I have to say, I'm loving it! I've had in my mind to start working on this type of project for a while, and just haven't pulled supplies together for it, yet. We're looking at a 4x6 photo printer to make it even easier to print out photos from our iphones and the boys' cameras as well! I'm really excited to get in to this style of scrapbooking, since it's something that I did digitally for many years, though not recently. Previously I was pulling together a "year in review" type scrapbook that I was able to print out, and then make whatever scrapbook pages that I felt like. I'd love to move into more of this type of scrapbooking to fill that spot...

Can't wait to try it out more! - Leah