Monday, November 26, 2012

Junque Journals for Christmas

I love mass producing crafts for the holidays. This year, I'm making "junque journals" to give as hostess gifts or to top gift packages.

These are easy to create assembly line style and one sheet of Vintage Christmas 2011 Mini Patterned Sheet will make three journals.

A row of 3 squares of the Mini Patterned Sheet will serve as the journal cover and base. Here is the method I used to assemble these. You can make many journals at one time this way.

1. Create your "junque" pages by cutting up a bunch of old paper you may have around: ledger paper, graph paper, and notebook paper to a size of 3.75 inches square. Punch 2 holes in the top of the paper and place long gold brads in them. Punching through a lot of paper at once is easy with a Cropadile Model II.

2. Cut the Mini Patterned Paper sheet so you have three blocks across and score in-between each block.

3. Adhere the packet of note paper onto a square of chipboard 3.75 inches square with a strong glue (Alene's Tacky Glue for example) and glue this onto the inside of the middle square.

4. Cut about 1/4 inch off the right side of the patterned paper so it will fold over the pack of paper nicely when closed.

5. Decorate the front cover by stamping the Cabbage Flower stamp on off-white cardstock in gold and Stick Candy paint. Cut them out and score each in half. Glue the front half of the image to the front cover and further decorate with German foil and JBS Vintage Sew-on buttons and buttons from your stash. Fold over the Cabbage Flower image and adhere on the inside just along the bottom to make a small pocket and to cover any stitches that may show.

6. Cut the December calendars from the Christmas 2012 Calendar Sheet. Mat them onto gold paper and adhere to the inside back cover of the journal.

7. Tie a ribbon around the button on the front, wrap around the journal, and wind around the button again to hold closed.