Wednesday, August 15, 2012

JBS Summer Games - Swimming

When summer hits in South Florida, the heat makes any activity outside that doesn't involve water - well, impossible. That means we spend lots of days hanging in our pool! This year in particular, our youngest has really taken his swimming to another level. He's becoming a little fish! And I must add, when the swimming events were being held for the Olympics, he was pretty rapt. This photo documents the first day he was able to work up the courage to start jumping into the pool on his own. Of course, once he did it, that's how he spent the rest of the day!

This was my first attempt at using the re-inkers and mini misters to create my own inks! To create the inks, just fill the mister 3/4 full, and add enough drops to make the color you'd like. I wanted mine a bit darker, so I added about 12 drops per mister. Perfect for a few spritzes, and I loved the look with a stencil as well...

~ Leah