Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tart Tin Easter Baskets by Ranjini Malhotra

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Spring is in the air and today we have these super sweet glittered Tart Tin Easter Baskets by Ranjini Malhotra . . .

Remember the lovely Christmas Garland the design team created for Jenni back in December? At the time, I seized the idea to spray paint a Tart Tin to use in my ornament and the thought occurred to me how darling the tins would look done up in paint and glitter, as wee easter baskets. (And these would work beautifully for every imaginable holiday - red glitter for Valentine's Day, orange for Halloween, etc. )

This was very simple to do. All I did was spray paint the tins using Krylon paint. I didn't have any lilac colored spray paint so I used a generic pink as the base coat. When the paint dried, I used Martha Stewart Crafts Glittering Glue (I love this because it comes with a built-in brush applicator) and applied it liberally on the outside of the tart tins. 

Then I glittered up the tins with Martha Stewart iridescent glitter in Bubble Gum. A tip for the glittering part is to cut a solo cup in half, dump out the glitter into the cup, and dip the tart tin into the solo cup, twisting it around so that glitter adheres to all the gluey surfaces, nooks and crannies. Once you've glittered it up to your satisfaction, set it aside to dry. After it dries, punch holes in the sides, create a handle from a pipe cleaner, and tie on buttons and twine. Add a few JBS Vellum Butterflies and the basket is spring-ready, to display, gift or hang on an easter tree!

The candies are shown for display, I don't recommend using these for actual food unless the candies are wrapped. The wee ceramic bunnies are from a collection of figurines that come in the boxes of Red Rose Tea that I drink. I hope this has inspired you to break out your spray paint and glitter - you'll love the ease of this project, and the gorgeous results!

Beautiful!  Thanks for the inspiration Ranjini!