Friday, March 9, 2012

Chalk it up to Jenni ...

... to create this fabulous new product:

The Chalkboard Easel!  Is your head spinning with ideas? I know mine was!  What a lovely base for a memory project!

Having a fairly new HS graduate in out of the house, I ran with the school theme and created a fun and festive display of ds in his graduation gown.

The banner has fun bits and pieces using the Black Extension IV paper, new stickers, and punches.


But the Chalkboard Easel isn't limited to school themes of course!  

You can see what Jenni herself made with hers in her studio tour video. Check it out at about 4:10 on the video:

Jenni has used both chalk (included with the easel) and paint on her easel!

A beautiful project, isn't it?!