Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Red/Black Extension III Die-Cut Paper

Here are several creative and inspiring uses for our latest die-cut paper, the Mercantile label shape from our Red/Black Extension III line. This first one is an exceedingly clever use by Harumi Hagiwara. She cut her sheet into four pieces and then merged them on a piece of background cardstock to come up with this brilliant design.

Elizabeth Carney has stretched her resources by cutting a sheet in half and using one side on this layout . . .

then trimming the border off and using the other half on this layout.

Here is another half sheet that Jenni Bowlin used. For her layout, she let the die-cut border be the edge of the layout and traced and cut out the same sheet on a piece of cardstock for the mirror version on the other side.

Keisha Campbells used two strips cut from either side of the die-cut to make classy bookends for her design area.

And here is one last sample from Betsy Sammarco of clever creativity with our new die-cut paper from Red/Black Extension III.