Monday, April 21, 2014

New Product Focus with Leah Farquharson

I'm loving the newest goods from Jenni Bowlin Studio this season. I've put together something really simple today featuring a bunch of the lovely wood veneer pieces, flatbacks, rubons, and triangle sequins! One of the biggest projects for a class I'm currently taking is learning to see and collect inspiration from the world all around you. It's been a very eye opening, and lovely experience. I have to say, it really makes you think a bit more about the world all around you that you pass by all the time - sometimes without even seeing. - Leah

Inspiration by Leah Farquharson

Supply List
Flatbacks - True Vintage II
Wood Veneer - Insta-Frames
Wood Veneer - Flash Cards
Modern Mercantile - Novelties
Modern Mercantile - Etcetera
Sequins - Triangles
Skinny Alpha Stickers - Sage