Friday, December 7, 2012

Repurposed Advent Calendar

Hey everyone!  It's Jenni Hufford here with you today to share an advent calendar.  One of my favorite Christmas projects is to "repurpose"Christmas decor I purchased the year before on clearance!   

Last year I bought an advent calendar from Target right after Christmas.   It was very cute "as is" (photo below), but I wanted to add a special handmade touch to it.

I took various papers from Jenni's Christmas 2012 collection and measured the paper to fit the advent door exactly.  I kept a perfect measurement as a template and cut out the rest of the papers.

I used a regular hole punch to create room for the door knob for each advent door.  Next, I adhered the papers onto the calendar using Mod Podge and a sponge brush.

When deciding where to place the different pattern papers, I kept same pattern papers from touching and within separate columns and rows.  I used a combination of kraft papers, pattern papers, journaling cards, and mini papers for the coverings of each door.

Once the mod podge has dried, the fun part begins-- embellishing!

On each door I made sure to include the date number and some sort of embellishment.  

And finally, it's time to fill each door with candy or a prize.

Thank you Jenni Hufford!  What a wonderful project, so beautiful to look at, and so much fun to make!