Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scrap Vintage : Memories

I must confess I find it hard to use vintage items and ephemera in my creating, not because I cant, it is more a case of not wanting to ruin some thing that is pretty amazing in its own right! So I could be accused of being a hoarder of all things vintage, and old! ....that includes all the wonderful items that Jenni finds and includes in the amazing Antiquarian Kits! 

So I have [grudgingly ....joke :)] used mostly vintage and found items from past Jenni Bowlin Studio Antiquarian kits, with the odd fabulous new release embellishment and quite possible you might spy an embellishment from an older range :) :) :)

For this particular layout I have used a vintage photo [credit The Whatevers] and used a fun mix of both vintage findings and old and new release embellishments. the black ground splash of green was made using the delicious paint Seed Packet.

Again I have used a vintage photo [credit The Whatevers], but kept it light and fresh with using the fabulous Die-cut Bank Statement paper as a background and a fresh color palette; the paint is the divine Chili Powder.

This final layout is created using a contemporary photo and a play on words from the actual book page background. I thought it was a fabulous contrast with using the title 'A little field, I'd like to have a little field', with a photo representing me living in the 'concrete jungle'. The picture of a little cottage under a tree completes the contrast perfectly.

Sooooo as you can see I have well and truly overcome my fear of using wonderful vintage items and ephemera in my creativity, I do hope you have as much fun as I did! :)

Cheers Louise :) xxx