Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to School - Recess!

We have been learning a lot so far this month and I think it is time for a little playtime, a little rest, a little bit of space to run and jump and be free. A little bit of recess.

Sadly, recess seems like a lost art at so many schools. There is so much time devoted to academics that kids and teachers do not get a chance to breathe in a little fresh air and stretch their legs. I am so thankful that my girls still get this 30 minutes of free time each day, but I know plenty of kids who live nearby that do not. Sad. I remember as a kid in school having a HUGE field and playground with swings and slides and teeter totters. Do you remember those?? My girls do not even know what a teeter totter is! LOL.

I really believe in free time to play and be a kid, whether you are a kid or not doesn't matter. Acting like one every now and then really helps us stay young, don't you think?


My girl got my love of play time. We see a playground and it becomes a NEED to visit it!


She runs.


She flies.


She plays. And life is good.

Corrie Jones


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