Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to School: Math

Though math has never been my strongest subject, I've always has a fascination with numbers. I loved the concrete, definitive answer that results when an equation is solved correctly. Of course, in my case, that was a fairly rare occurrence, but there was no better feeling when it did!

Inspired all things mathematics, I put together the layout below, challenging myself to incorporate the element of numbers as many times as possible.  Though many numerical items appear, I focused on the number "two" for the obvious reason that the subject of the page is me and my husband:
"Two" by Lisa Dickinson
It was fun sorting through my stash to find any supplies that might represent the idea of "two." And when I finished the page, I had incorporated seventeen different numerical elements. (Can you find them all?)

There are so many JBS supplies that work perfectly for this theme! Using the Magpie papers as my base, I added lots of other "twos' in a variety of forms and materials. I even found quotes to add as journaling that incorporate the word two

In addition to the stuff I used on my page, here are some of my other favorite JBS products that feature numbers:

Having math serve as an inspiration source for a scrapbook page might seem a bit odd, but when all the elements of a layout design come together perfectly, it's much like solving an equation. And who isn't inspired by that?