Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Great Ideas for our Reproduction Hotel Key Holder

We'd love to show you what our design team has done with our Hotel Key Holders.  Inspired by the hotel key holders of yesteryear, this piece can be used to organize jewelry, display treasures, or hold your latest creations.  Displays can be changed with the seasons as you wish.

Take a look at these eight great examples:

Lisa Dickinson organizes her jewelry on hers.

Megan Klauer uses hers to hold her daughters hair accessories.

Jill Sprott organizes her washi tape.
Jenni Bowlin displays some of her favorite things.
Betsy Sammarco celebrates a beach vacation.

Corrie Jones created a tribute to her Grandmother.

Doris Sander created a charming display for the 4th of July.

Leah Farquharson added a hodge podge of sweet creations to hers.

The possibilities are endless!  What can you do with your Hotel Key Holder?