Friday, March 30, 2012

Magpie in Mini From from Natalie Elphinstone!

Natalie found a sweet and easy way to use the Magpie Mini Pattern Sheet to create her own great mini!

This sounds so easy and so fun - great for a class or to take to a crop!

Here's how Natalie described her process and the album:

I simply cut apart the "Magpie Mini Pattern Sheet" to use as the base pages for this album, and then decorated them with a variety of embellishments. 

 By including a couple of the Printed Pockets it allowed me a place to tuck away the abundance of journaling that I wanted to add without cluttering the miniature pages. And whilst this album is fairly sturdy with it's chipboard covers, I do love the idea that I'll be able to protect it further by keeping it inside the Cigar Box. Brilliant! 

This is all about the day we celebrated my youngest daughter's dedication. After church we had lunch in the park - with plenty of hugs from all the friends and family. And yes, that it my eldest daughter dressed in a Dora the 
Explorer apron and chef's hat!! It was her birthday the week before so she received her fair share of presents too.

thank you Natalie for giving us a GREAT idea for using the mini pattern sheet as a mini album base and then adding all the fun embellishments!  This will be perfect for me to bring to my next crop!


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