Friday, February 17, 2012

Tart Tins & Number Cards Garland

Today I'd like to share this tart tin and number card garland I made. It's strung on 22 gauge metal wire, which is thin and easy to work with. I've strung it between two silver candlesticks and tied gray grosgrain ribbon on the ends to finish it off.

I also added in vintage metal marquee letters. I found mine on Ebay. You can also find them at Lowe's and places like that although you may want to rough them up with sandpaper to give them more of a vintage feel. And printing your own is definitely an option. From this photo you can't tell if they're metal or paper so I think printing them would be just as cute. The size of the letters are 2" wide by 3 1/4" high. I used an initial from each of our family members and the number 4 representing the number in our family (and because I didn't have a metal J for Johnson, ha). You could also do your complete last name if it's a shorter name or maybe a special word for you like your One Little Word for 2012.
I layered Jenni's chipboard buttons, regular buttons, doily flowers, brads, and beads inside each of my tart tins. I stamped the seal stamp in several happy colors to put behind each tart tin. I cut each of the number cards into banner shapes. I placed the old time girl photo chipboard on top of a button on the office chipboard piece so it would really stand out. It's fun to experiment with different "levels" or depths of your embellishments inside the tins.
This is my favorite one. I layered Jenni's white beads, her old time photo chipboard, and a vintage milk cap. The Old Time Photo chipboard has foam squares under it.
So here's how I did it:
You'll need a hammer, an awl (mine is a paper awl, a regular woodworking awl would be fine too), 22 gauge wire (something you can bend but will hold it's shape for the garland), pliers are helpful for pulling the wire through the tart tin hole, and a self healing mat or a piece of scrap wood to protect your surface.
Hold the awl as shown and give it a few taps with your hammer on the inside bottom of the rim. The tart tins are sturdy but piercing the hole with an awl is very easy. Place a hole on each side of the tart tin. Do the same thing for the metal letters.
Stamp the seals and cut them out. I used JBS Chili Powder, Weather Vane, and Stick Candy ink. I also used yellow ink from my stash for two of the seals. I used extra large glue dots to stick my tart tins to the seals. I used an extra seal on each end of the garland.
It's easiest to string the garland on one long piece of wire instead of connecting each piece with a small wire. This is why it's important to punch the holes on the tart tins near the very bottom of the tin. Cut about a 4 foot long piece of wire (that is if you're doing the same amount of letters and banners as I did) and begin stringing you elements. That will give you enough to have extra wire on each end to tie onto things and it's much easier to cut off extra than have to go back and re-string the pieces.
In order to get your chipboard pieces and milk caps to lie flat in the tin on top of the wire, you'll need to stack a few adhesive foam squares or circles on either side of the wire.

Then start embellishing and layering your circular pieces and that's it!

Tart Tins
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Chipboard Buttons - Office & Old Time Photos
Doily Flowers Cream
Decorative Brads - Delicate
Pearl & Rhinestone Charms  - Cream & Black
Vintage Sew On Buttons - OrangeWhite, & Cream
Clear 3 x 3 Seal Stamp
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