Friday, December 9, 2011

A Great Idea from Ranjini - Sugared Rose

We were amazed at the lovely sugared and frosted rose Ranjini made with the Red/Black Extension IV A Red Rose paper:

We asked Ranjini how she made the rose on this beautiful layout:

"I cut the rose out with scissors first and then used an exacto knife to get the sharp details. Then I used a bookbinder's glue called PVA made by Lineco, but another glue could work as well. I applied it with a foam brush until the cut out rose is well covered, then sprinkled clear glitter liberally across the rose. Make sure you cover all the glue exposed areas, shake off the excess, and you've got yourself a "sugared" rose! Let it dry, then raise it off the page with pop dots to highlight the texture. It's very easy to do!"