Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vintage Holidays Halloween Mini-Album

Here is a quick and easy Halloween Mini-album for you made with a few simple supplies. To start off you will need a Circle Chipboard Mini-albm, a sheet of Vintage Holidays Halloween Mini Papers, and a Vintage Holidays Halloween Accessory Sheet. Cover three fourths of the front cover with the children trick-or-treating mini paper. Cover the bottom fourth with the orange dot paper. You can adhere them directly to the chipboard, cut off the excess, then smooth the edges with an Emory Board. Adhere Orange Pearl Buttons to two Black Doily Flowers. Attach two to the binder ring with small silver jump rings. Add Black Pearl Charms to the bottoms of the dangles with more silver jump rings. Add the Orange/Black Shadow Alpha Stickers for the title. Cut another Doily Flower in half and adhere it as shown, adding another Orange Pearl Button to one.

The insides of both the front and back covers are done with the White Dotted Paper. The back outter cover was done with more of the Orange Dotted Paper.

Adhere random thin strips of patterned paper to the circle ledger paper from the mini-album. Make lots of fun words for these pages from the sticker sheet.

When you cut out the labels from the Accessory Sheet, leave them stacked two and three high, so they will be as tall as the other pages in the book.

The pages here are arranged in this sequence: journaling card, circle page, mini-paper, circle page, journaling card, circle page, mini-paper, circle page, etc.

Put it all together and you are ready to record some Happy Halloween memories!