Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Star Larissa Labernaz!

My name is Larissa Albernaz. I have been scrapbooking for almost six years and I´m totally addicted which means I see artistic possibilities over everything around me. Every day I enjoy perceiving the colors in my surroundings and I pay close attention to my inner emotions even if it’s to throw them out only on a layout. Through the years, scrapbooking has provided me a great sort of artistic possibilities. It allows me to express myself in style, mixing papers, embellishments, colors, memories and a message. So, scrapbooking to me is not only a way to preserve my memories, but it's the way I do Art. In making Art I pursue something that has sense to me, which inspires me and that can be different, interesting, cute, creative, colorful and fun! My style is eclectic and crafty. I also love shabby and vintage styles, and anything that has a great dimension.

My blog - recently moved to :

What an amazingly vivid style! One of the things I love about Lariss's work with Jenni Bowlin Studio is how effortlessly she has mixed our newest available release, "Haven," with some of Jenni's older product. Well done Larissa! Thanks so much for the inspiration!